Jume x Nell Pearson Collaboration

This project began when me and Nell both moved back to our hometown last year. I had just launched my label which Nell had encouraged me to do many years prior when we were living together in Melbourne. Nell, who is a beautiful artist working in painting, sculpture and ceramics, had begun to to think about making garments herself so we decided to collaborate. We figured we could do more with two brains and four hands than on our own, and that it would be a hundred times more fun.

 This project has taken us on a glorious adventure, travelling across India visiting plant dyers and textile museums, visiting small organizations in villages and manufacturers in cities. We travelled around on motorbikes through Indonesia where we worked with a friend's family to make this small run of garments. We have both learnt a lot about textiles and garment making and also ourselves and each other.

This has been a passion project and truly is the antithesis of mass production.  Many of these pieces are one-offs made with the exquisite fabrics we bought from a government regulated Khadi Gram Udyog in Ahmedebad.   

We hope to inspire others to try working sustainably and collaboratively, we have found it to be a generative and gratifying process and look forward to doing more of it together and in other parts of our lives.

Love and reiki to you all x